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Data Sharing and Privacy Notice

In this Notice, we, The How We Feel Project, Inc. explain how we process personal data that you share via our mobile application ("App"). We are a nonprofit corporation from California trying to help beat COVID-19.

Data Sharing

Our App is a tool that you can use to share data on your health and well-being on a no-name basis with us, healthcare sectors organizations, researchers, academics, public health authorities, law enforcement and others. With our data privacy and security measures, we are trying to strike a healthy balance between urgent healthcare needs and individual privacy considering published research and guidance by privacy law scholars, including, Healthy Data Protection.

Data Categories

When you use the App, you are sharing with us the responses to our questions that you choose to answer, including how you feel and whether you tested positive for COVID-19. We will improve our App and amend our questions from time to time. We also ask that you share your location via device settings or in response to a question. We are not asking your name and will use a token or other unique identifiers to recognize your data relates to one person so we can avoid duplicate reporting.

Purposes of Processing

We want to help beat COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by enabling all of us to share data about how we feel more quickly, more widely, on a larger scale with those who are working on cures, tests, vaccination, containment and other healthcare measures. Your data may therefore be used in research studies and other statistical assessments. By providing your data to us you consent to any such use.

Data Recipients

We want to make aggregate data from the App publicly available. We will use discretion and make judgement calls based on input from our medical advisory board and subject to applicable law with whom we share data that you submitted individually, likely including research institutions, government authorities and businesses in the healthcare sector. We understand that we may be compelled by a government authority to share individual data for contact tracing purpose, or we may determine this is necessary to protect you or others, even though this is not our plan or purpose and we do not collect your name. Separately, we engage services providers to process data on our behalf subject to confidentiality and data protection terms.

Data Security

We limit the collection of data categories to what we need for our mission to enable all of us to share data on how we feel. We deploy firewalls, anti-virus software, encryption-at-rest and internal data access restrictions to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to personal data. We use Google reCAPTCHA to protect the App from abuse (see documentation regarding functionality and Google's data processing practices)

Data Retention and Deletion

We are planning to keep data collected as long as we operate for scientific, medical research and healthcare purposes.

Effective Date and Changes to this Notice

This Notice is effective March 27, 2020, our original launch date. We expect to update this notice frequently as we improve our App under the intense time pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic and will post revised versions of this Notice in the "about" section of our App and where you can download our App.


Please direct questions to: The The How We Feel Project, Inc., attention Privacy Team, at 949 Bridge Rd, San Leandro, CA 94577 or privacy@howwefeel.org.

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